Yoga presents itself at just the right time in your life;
take advantage of the perfect timing.

New Yogi FAQ

What style of yoga will I be learning?

Positive Energy Yoga is a unique blend of flow, strength and flexibility. It incorporates Olivia’s vast experience with many modalities of fitness and yoga. Our Signature, Positive Energy, will be given and received, just from your presence.

Can I do yoga if I’m not flexible?

Of course--even more reason to get started. Olivia offers modifications for each pose to accommodate different levels, different body types and various injuries. Yoga truly is for EVERYONE!

What should I bring to class?

An open mind, a yoga mat (if you have one) and water. We have towels, yoga mats, blocks and straps at the studio, which you may borrow.

What should I expect?

A laid-back, comfortable atmosphere, a little bit of ouch (in a good way), and laughter. We are playful and exploratory with our practice.

Should I eat before class?

We wouldn’t recommend it. For your most enjoyable experience, it’s best to try not to eat 2 hours before class.

Payment/ Registration?

Payment for Zoom is $15, and in-person public class is $25: Cash, Zelle, Venmo: Olivia-Barnett-3, or Paypal:

*Please inform Olivia/the instructor of your injuries, illnesses and/or medical conditions (including pregnancy), BEFORE class, so that we can provide you with the best and safest experience possible.

No registration required.